Take care of your dog, it’s so important!

How you take care of your dog? Discover it here in Dogalize!

How you take care of your dog? Discover it here in Dogalize!

Bringing home a new pet is pretty exciting. Especially if it is your first one. You are only thinking about how fun and enjoyable it will all be. You ride from the adoption home to your house with all these ideas of how thrilling the whole thing is. But then, you should also get serious and think about taking care of your dog.

The following are some primary recommendations on how to best take care of your new four-legged friend. This will keep him happy and healthy.

Veterinary check

Not only should you take your dog to the veterinarian to get his shots, but you should also plan periodic visits. This is important if you are serious about taking care of your dog.
There is a recommended vaccination schedule for your pet. It is imperative for you to follow up with such schedule to keep your dog free from disease.

Make sure you have the number of a local ambulance in case of an eventuality. Whenever you suspect of abnormal behavior, take your dog for a check, just to be sure everything is fine. Remember that your dog cannot tell you if he is feeling sick so you should be aware of the signs.


Make sure you provide a balanced diet for your dog. Based on your dog´s size and weight, the veterinarian will provide you with the best feeding plan. Always have clean water available for him as well.

Grooming and nail clipping

You should not overlook grooming, especially if your dog is hairy and a shedder. Most dogs will do well with one weekly bath, while others will be ok with once a month. Use a nice moisturizing shampoo. If your dog is ever under anti-flea treatment, be mindful of the products you use.

Unless your pet walks around a solid rough floor, consider nail clipping. If the dog steps sound pretty noisy against hardwood floor, then it is time to clip. Do not attempt to do this yourself if you do not have the necessary experience.


Dogs are usually very active and they require space to run around. If you do not have a yard, but live in an apartment make sure you play with him and create a space for him to walk around. Please note that there are some breeds that will not do well in small apartments.

Some breeds need more space than others. Others are not even fit for the city life but rather need the spacious field of a farm.


Training your dog into following at least simple commands is important for his survival. For safety reasons, make sure he is able to follow simple orders at the sound of your voice only.

Develop a relationship

Dogs need to interact with their owners since they are social animals. Spend quality time with him in order to better understand his needs. This will also strengthen the owner-pet bond.

Remember that getting a dog is a responsibility. Taking care of your dog requires many kinds of investments, but they are all worth it. Follow us at Dogalize to obtain more advice on how to better take care of your pet.