Cat breeds: American Wirehair Cat Origins and Personality

Cat breeds: American Wirehair Cat Characteristics and Personality

American Wirehair Cat

The American Wirehair cat is an all-American domestic cat breed original from upstate New York. These cats have a characteristic coat which sets them apart. People love their quiet and calm nature as well as their loving ways.


The story of the American Wirehair is typical of that of two cats of different traits crossing and producing a litter of kittens with different characteristics that were passed on. In 1966, a Domestic Shorthair delivered a litter of five kittens in Vernon, NY.  A random mutation caused a red-and-white kitten to have wiry hair. The owners, intrigued, presented the kitten to a local cat breeder, Mrs. Joan O’shea who bought it from them at $50 and named him Council Rock Adam of Hi-Fi. O’shea then started a breeding program crossing this kitten with the American Shorthair.  

The breed developed and the CFA recognized it in 1968.   In 1978, it was accepted for championship competition.

Physical characteristics

The American Wirehair cat is very similar to the American Shorthair, except for a wiry, spring coat and whiskers. They also possess high cheekbones which gives them a characteristic look. The cat is medium-sized and a moderate sturdy built. The wirehair is a dominant trait so any crossing between this cat and other breeds will probably produce wirehair kittens.


These cats also share some personality traits with the American Shorthair. They are often described as good-natured, playful, a little humorous, and affectionate. He has an athletic built but he could be active or simply sleeping over his owner’s lap.

Even though he is affectionate, he will usually not demand attention. They are quiet but are very sociable.

Caring for an American Wirehair cat

Cat lovers appreciate the quiet nature of the American Wirehair cat. Their coat needs little care, as grooming might actually damage it. These cats prefer to live indoors which is a good idea. You do not want to have your cat roam around the neighborhood.

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