Cat breeds: Arabian Mau Cat Characteristics and Personality

Cat breeds: Arabian Mau Cat Characteristics and Personality

Arabian Mau Cat

The Arabian Mau cat is a natural breed that has the desert cat as an ancestor. This desert cat, then, is a landrace that lives in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula. The Arabian Mau is a formal breed that lives in the streets and has perfectly adapted to the extreme Arabian climate.


The Arabian Mau cat has been common in the Arabian Peninsula for over 1,000 years. This desert cat has roamed the streets of Kuwait, Omar, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. If you were to travel to these countries, you will see these fellas on the street, thriving and adapting to the new conditions of cities taking over deserts.

Only recently, fancier and breeder organizations officially considered this cat a breed.

Physical characteristics

One very important characteristic of the Arabian Mau is his pointed ears, which are also large to help release heat. This is how this cat has adapted to the extreme heat. This medium-sized and sleek cat is a combination of long legs, strong muscles, oval paws, and a beautiful pair of striking green eyes.

The Arabian Mau cat can weigh from 5 to 9 pounds.


Maus have a pretty loving personality and they will grow fond of the cat lover that treats him well. Once they get an owner, they will be very devoted, affectionate, and loving.

They get along with children and other pets. Intelligent and friendly are some adjectives used to describe this beautiful breed.

Caring for an Arabian Mau cat

The Arabian Mau cats are actually a low-maintenance breed. He is a very independent cat living in the streets of the desert cities fo the Arabian Peninsula. When it comes to bathing, it really is not necessary if a cat refuses to. Grooming is actually pretty simple for these cats, especially since they are usually very neat.

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