Cat breeds: The Asian Cat Characteristics and Personality

Cat breeds: The Asian Cat Characteristics and Personality

Asian Cat

The Asian cat, despite the name, did not originate in Asia. Also known as Malayan, the Asian cats are short-haired, similar to the Burmese, with a loving and affectionate personality.  


The Asian cat is a man-made breed that originated in Britain in the 1980s. Specifically, in 1981, Baroness Miranda von Kirchberg accidentally crossed the Burmilla with a longhaired Chinchilla cat. She liked the resulting kittens and, therefore started the Asian cat breeding program. They were bred to maintain the characteristics that make the Brumila cat so beautiful.

Physical Characteristics

The Asian cat is a medium-sized cat. It is a sturdy muscular and compact body. As said before, they are very similar to the Burmese, including the same silky smooth coat. He has yellow round and wide eyes.

The Asian cat family is actually composed of six types of cats. These are:

  • Asian Self, blue, chocolate, red, lilac, cream, fawn and black
  • Tiffanies, characteristic fluffy tail
  • Bombay
  • Burmillas, silver or cream, mostly.
  • Smokes, silvery undercoat contrasted by a topcoat
  • Tabbies, ticked or spotted coat


Just like the Burmese, these cats are loving and affectionate. He is highly inquisitive, intelligent, and likes to walk around the house searching.  This makes him a great house pet. They are very sociable and will normally be so with strangers too. The deep social connection they establish with their owners makes this cat not feel the need of going outdoors. So he could perfectly be inside for many days, weeks, months, and even years without setting foot out of the house.

Caring for an Asian cat

The Asian cat is a very loud vocal one. Consider this if you have sensitive neighbors.  If you are planning to get one, consider that they are not low-maintenance. They enjoy spending time on their owner´s lap and do not enjoy being left alone for too long.

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