Cat breeds: Asian Semi-longhair Cat Origins and Personality

Cat breeds: Asian Semi-longhair Cat Origin and Personality

Asian Semi-longhair Cat

The Asian Semi-longhair cat is often known as the Tiffanie. They originated in Britain in 1981 when the cross between a Burmilla and a Chinchilla produced a litter of interesting felines.


The Asian Semi-longhair cat originated in Britain in 1981. They are the result of the crossing between the beautiful Burmilla and a Chinchilla. The result was a silky and loving cat. The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of United Kingdom has recognized the Asian Semi-longhair cat as a breed.

Physical characteristics

The five main colors that may paint an Asian Semi-longhair cat are blue, lilac, brown, black, and chocolate. Their eyes have this exotic shade of green. They carry a luxurious, soft and shiny coat.  The breed is very similar to the Asian Shorthair but with a larger coat.


This gentle pretty cat is intelligent, active, and curious. He is playful and always expect their owner to spend some time to play with them. The Asian Semi-longhair cat will develop a strong bond with his owner. Usually, they do not get along with other cats out of jealousy.

Living in an apartment with an Asian Semi-longhair cat might not be a good idea since they are very loud. They are pretty vocal and will not hesitate to let you know their feelings at the moment. Some members of this breed can be demanding and outgoing while others are more laid back.

Caring for an Asian Semi-longhair cat

If you are planning on having at least one of these cats in your home, there are some important things you need to know. First, they are not low-maintenance so you will probably have to invest in this family.

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