Cat breeds: The Balinese cat Characteristics and Personality

Cat breeds: The Balinese cat Characteristics and Personality

The Balinese cat

The Balinese cat essentially has the same looks of a Siamese, but with medium length silky coat and the characteristic plumed tail. The cat is actually the result of a mutation originated in a Siamese. His name comes from the exotic dancers in Bali, and Indonesian island. 


It is not clear if the Balinese cat´s long hair is the result of a mutation or if is the result of the cross between the Siamese and a long-haired breed. This could have been a Turkish Angora or a Persian cat. Breeders began to develop the cats in the 1940s and 1950s.  

The ravage of war took its terrible toll on domestic cats and other pets. But devoted cat lovers take it in to develop a breed and select their characteristics. This was the case with the Balinese cat.  

Physical characteristics

The standards for the Balinese cat and the Siamese cat are very similar. Over time the Balinese cat has become leaner and longer. They are single-coated cats that have almost no shedding. 

The coat is medium-length, silky, and close to the body. The accepted colors for this cat are lilac, chocolate, seal, and blue points.  These medium-sized cats can weigh 5 to 10 pounds. 


The Balinese cat is not as loud as the Siamese but he certainly is opinionated. He will expressively tell you how he feels, how you should act and lead you towards it. They are fond of their people and like to walk underfoot their owners and inspect your every move. They can get along with humans and other animals pretty well. He is a very intelligent cat, ranked at the top high. He has a good nature, great humor, and lots of energy. 

Caring for a Balinese cat

Just make sure you don’t step on your cat while he is walking with you. To keep his coat silky and smooth, comb it once or twice a week to remove dead hair. 

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