Cat breeds: British Semi-longhair cat, Characteristics

Cat breeds: British Semi-longhair cat, Characteristics

British Semi-longhair cat

The British Semi-longhair cat is a medium-sized cat that is basically a medium-sized coat version of the British Shorthair. These two cats share the same characteristics, except for hair size.


This British original shares the origins with the Shorthaired, except for the obvious difference of coat length. A long-haired version of the Persian was developed in the 20th century. This gave origin to a breed of cat that was more powerful and with a thicker coat.

Physical characteristics

The physical characteristics of a British Semi-longhair cat are pretty much the same as the British shorthair. They have round eyes with particularly green eyes. The legs, even tough they are short are really good at running. There are several variations of the British Semi-longhair cat.  


These cats are in possession of a great character. They are easy-going, placid, quiet and you could hold one on your lap perfectly. They will not really follow you but they will lie down next to where you are just to make sure you are doing things right.

They do not cry for attention and are usually very calm inside the house.

Caring for a British Semi-longhair cat

You will need to provide at least 15 min of activity for your cat. Also, keep in mind that they will probably be following you through the house. When it comes to shedding, things can get worse if you are not consistent with regular baths and combing.

There is a specific time of the year where catss shed. Learn what these dates are in the calendar. Usually, your cat will use a hint to tell you its time to shed.

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