Cat breeds: California Spangled Cat Characteristics, Personality

Cat breeds: California Spangled Cat Characteristics, Personality

California Spangled Cat

The ocelot-looking California Spangled cat is a breed of domestic cat bred and developed in the 1980s. He was originally created to teach the importance of taking care of the leopard. They are the result of the crossbreeding of many strains.


Paul Arnold Casey, Jr. originally bred this cat. He is an author, playwright, and scriptwriter who chronicled his adventure in Tanzania in the 1970s with this novel “Open the Coffin”.   In the book, he described how he bred the California Spangled cat.

This cat resulted from the crossing of several breeds, including the British Shorthair, American Shorthair, and the Abyssinian. He was intentionally developed to look like a leopard. One of the reasons for this was to motivate people not to wear the same fur that their pet does. Unfortunately, due to the high popularity of similar-looking cats-the Ocicat and the Bengal, this breed did not develop as well.

Physical characteristics

His body is long, lean, and muscular. At first sight, it looks like a small leopard. Their coat can be brown, charcoal, red, bronze, gold, blue, black, silver, or white. The California Spangled cat looks pretty wild in appearance but they are full domestic cats.


These cats are playful, social, affectionate, curious, and exceptionally loving of their owners. Curiosity usually gets the best of them as they will try to get at your shoulder’s height to see what you are looking at. They are highly energetic, athletic, and pretty intelligent. They have very sharp hunting skills.

Caring for a California Spangled cat

The California Spangled cat likes to be around his people and is also pretty playful. Engage into some playing time with your cat as they enjoy gaming with their owner.

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