Cat care: Taking Proper Care of your Cat

Cat care: Taking Proper Care of your Cat

Taking Proper Care of your Cat

It is true that cats are very independent pets. However, it is still important that you apply proper cat care to keep your little fella healthy and guarantee a happy life. Normally, if kept indoors and in good shape, a cat can live between 13 and 17 years. The following are some basic things you should do if you are to care for cats.

Create a space for your cat

It is important that you set a particular space for your cat to rest. Make sure it is comfortable and warm and away from noise. This guarantees that your cat will seek this place for some peace and quiet.

Set up a litter box

Make sure you clean the cat´s litter box every day. Having a proper care for cats involves knowing that they prefer a clean toilet than a dirty one. A dirty litter will repel your cat and have him discharge somewhere else. Set up two litter boxes if you have more than one cat.

Socialize your cat

Even though cats are solitary animals, this does not mean they do not enjoy the company of other cats. Socializing them at an early age is important. With cats, you have to go slow, though. Do not force a new cat into your old one. Instead, present him with a pillow or sheets where the new cat was or take him to a room where the new cat spent some time. This will help your cat familiarize with the new member.

Care for cats: Feed him properly

When it comes to cat care, taking special attention to feeding is important. Your cat needs a good supply of proteins and fat. Ask your cat´s vet which is the most appropriate type of food for your cat.

Cats usually like to eat little in several portions. You can also give him occasional treats. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also a good option.

Play with your cat

It is important for your cat to have an appropriate amount of exercise and play time. This stimulates their brain and prevents them from getting bored. This is also important to their physical well-being. Play with toys on a daily basis. Even a red laser can do the trick, and you know it.

Taking him to the vet is good cat care

Take your cat for annual veterinary checkings. This will prevent the development of any disease. For older cats, you might need to make two visits per year or so.

Stay on schedule with vaccines. Kittens will need more regular visits to the vet to get their vaccines against distemper and rabies at least. Whenever you see any abnormal behavior on your pet, take him to the veterinarian immediately.

Spay and neuter

Spaying your female cat and neutering the male cat is important for them. This will prevent some destructive behaviors such as constantly urinating or roaming. Besides that, with so many stray cats or kittens being sacrificed due to insufficient resources, it is only fair that you keep more kittens from adding to this population.

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