Cat disease: the most common Cat Diseases

Cat disease: the most common Cat Diseases

The most common Cat Diseases

It makes us sad to think that cats can actually get sick. They might look fragile but we dream of them being rather resilient and impervious to any cat disease. Unfortunately, that is not the case and, in fact, there are a lot of cat diseases they can get.

The following are the most common cat diseases with their causes and symptoms.

Diabetes Mellitus

This cat disease is caused when a cat does not produce insulin or is not able to process it correctly. There is Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. Usually, factors like obesity and sedentarism make a cat more likely to develop diabetes mellitus. If your cat is diagnosed with this disease, you will need to monitor his glucose levels through blood and urination.


The Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is a cat-specific disease but still related to HIV. The symptoms in a cat are similar to those in humans. Just like in humans too, there is no cure; once your cat gets it, he will have it for the rest of his life. However, your cat can live many happy years with proper care.


Rabies is a viral disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. Your cat will become more aggressive and display other symptoms such as tremors and fever. This disease has no treatment or cure and is progressive. If your cat contracts the disease, as it progresses, it will result in muscle paralysis and, ultimately, death. This makes rabies vaccination all the more important.


Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease is a series of conditions that affect your cats urinary tract. This is one of the most common cat diseases. Its exact cause remains unknown and treatment is tailored depending on diagnosis results for your cat.


This is the most common endocrine condition for older cats. Your cat releases excess thyroid hormone. If left untreated, this sickness will cause your cat to lose weight, followed by severe damage to the digestive tract, heart, kidneys, and other important organs.

Chronic kidney disease

The cause of chronic kidney disease is difficult to determine. The condition causes a progressive loss of kidney function. If the cause cannot be determined, it is known as “idiopathic kidney disease“. This cat disease results in weight loss, constant urination, low appetite, and lethargy.

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