Choosing the best cat food: what you need to know

Choosing the best cat food: what you need to know

Choosing the best cat food

Let us begin with two important facts you need to know about cat food and cats. Number one: cats are carnivores. These guys are genetically very close to their wild cousins, so do not even try to make them vegan. It will simply not happen. Number two:  When it comes to nutrition, cats are very demanding.

What you need to know about cat food

Many cat owners do not realize that cats need to have a diet that is high in protein and fat. These can be found mostly in meat. So, yes, they need meat and a lot. In fact, if we humans ate the equivalent of what a cat eats, we would be suffering some serious heart disease by the time we are 20! That if we are not dead already.

It is also important for you to know that they are not the equivalent of little puppies. Yes, they may weigh the same or a little less, but it is important to realize that cats will simply not eat anything. A dog´s menu is much larger than that of a cat. In fact, in the long run, dog food can be fatal for your cat, as this one has a lot of carbohydrates. Cat’s do not process carbohydrates that well. Too many carbs can lead to obesity which can in turn lead to diabetes.

How to choose the best cat food

If you have decided to get your cat some good cans of cat food, you have to make some educated decisions.  The first thing you need to check is the label from the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) to guarantee that it meets at leas the minimum nutritional requirements.

You should ask your vet what is the best food type for your cat in particular. When you see the list of ingredients on a can, moist food like poultry, beef, or fish are listed on the top of the weight list since they have water in them. At the bottom, you might find ingredients that will actually have more protein but weigh less because water has been removed from them.

Do not worry about terms such as “premium”, “gourmet”, “natural”, or any of the like. There is no real standard for this.

Once you have made your choice of food, have the cat taste it. If he likes it, you have made a good choice. But if he does not, you must move on to something else. Cats would rather go on food strikes than eat something they do not like. This can be dangerous as it can make the cat ill.

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