Cute dogs: Why are dogs so cute? Let’s find out!

Cute dogs: Why are dogs so cute? Let's find out!

Why we love dogs so much?

When we hear stories of cute dogs being pampered by some eccentric owners, sometimes we gasp in awe. Like the owner of the world record´s largest dog, who spends more than 10,000 sterlings in feeding his dog. Or this lady who spent almost a quarter million pounds too, to pamper his three Pugs.  How about this business man who went broke after housing hundreds of stray dogs and feeding them off his own pocket?

For those of you who might ask, “why so much love?”, well, we have tried to explain why we love dogs so much.  Now, here goes the vainest of them all: dogs are cute!

Why are dogs so cute?

As usual, there is science behind it. Most mammal babies have what we call “baby schema”, which includes a round head, big eyes, soft touch, and chubby bodies. This makes them appear as pretty cute.  This is the same with human babies.

Most people love the warm feeling of a hairy animal. The silky and soft hair is appealing to most of us. Some of us even find the fact that our pets have their tongues hanging out all the time as something adorable.

According to experts, we humans have an innate ability to tell when something is cute. Mostly, our brains consider what seems to be defenseless, vulnerable, and extremely young as cute.  So when you look at anything that reminds you of a defenseless baby, you will automatically go “awwww“.

What do dog lovers love more about dogs?

What most dog lovers love about cute dogs is the fact that you can indulge those desires of being squeezed that they provoke. But then there is also a selfish response to this. If you were to ask any pet lover (like the ones described at the beginning) why make such investments. The most typical answer you might get is that they are loyal, friendly…but mostly, loyal.

Cute dogs: adopt one 

So, why not get a feeling of hugging and safely squeezing a fur of cuteness? If you think you can provide a home and lots of love to one of these cute mammals, then you should consider getting yourself one.  Just pick a place where they adopt them and take your best friend home. Trust us, there are a lot out there waiting for you to show them love.

Here in Dogalize you can find a complete guide and steps to follow in order to adopt your dog. Cute dogs are waiting for you and we can help you find them.