Dog abuse: addicts hurt dogs to have pain drugs for free

Dog abuse: addicts hurt dogs to have pain drugs for free. This is awful, and this must be stopped by joining Police, Vets and our forces!

Dog abuse: addicts hurt dogs to have pain drugs for free. This is awful!

A new awful tendence is becoming reality in Pittsburgh, and veterinarians think it will spread in the whole US country: we are speaking about dog abuse and the story is that drug addicts are starting to harm their pets to get free pain-relief drugs.

This is dog abuse: vets must be trained to foresee it!

The vets are now being trained to understand the type of client – and the related pet – that asks for pain treatment.

Actually, pain relievers are more like psychotic treatments so drug addicts are starting to use them as a real drug.

The problem is that some of those medicaments are under prescription, so their obtainment is difficult and full of documents to be fulfilled.

Therefore, some addicts are starting to hurt their own pet to get access to those medicaments, given to them to cure the pet.

This is nothing more than dog abuse; hurting a pet just to display him and to get medication for him, using them to do illegal things, is horrible.

How can be stopped this dog abuse?

Veterinarians must be trained to understand also the owner of the dog, more than the dog itself; sometimes understanding the causes of the pet’s pain vets can understand also if the owner is a drug addict or not, and therefore decide if is correct to give the medicaments or not.

This phenomenon by now is closed into Pittsburgh’s enclosure, and by now there are not news about this behaviour in other cities or countries…anyway, eyes wide open and good for the training. For all questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact our vets or trainers, or directly us by chat or by mail at the address We’re here for you!