Dog breeds: Australian Shepherd Dog, personality

Dog breeds: Australian Shepherd Dog, personality

Australian Shepherd Dog

The Australian Shepherd dog is a very active working dog. Despite his name, he was bred in the Western United States as a herding dog. This breed requires a lot of exercise and activities to keep him busy. His working nature does not allow him to be a couch potato at all.


The Australian Shepherd dog, or “Aussie”, as it is best known, originated in the Western US during the Gold Rush in the 1840s. There is no consensus as in why it is called that even when it originated in the US. In fact, there are many theories that their ancestors include shepherd dogs and collies. According to some theories, these dogs were brought with shipments of sheep from Australia, hence the name. 

Genetic research has demonstrated that Australian Shepherds and Collies have a lot in common. Aussies became very popular in the time after World War II.

Physical Characteristics

Australian Shepherd dogs are medium-sized dogs that are the happiest when they are honoring their name and their job. This solid built dog can have a weight of 30 to 65 pounds and reach 18 to 21 inches.


Due to their herding nature, these dogs are very protective and loyal to their family and wary of strangers. They are kind and loving to those they love. His protective nature makes him bark at anything that moves although he is not an incessant barker. 

Caring for an Australian Shepherd dog

This dog requires a lot of exercise, physical and mental. They are very intelligent dogs that love mental challenges. A walk around the park will not do for this pet. If you are not willing to give this dog his required daily dose of physical activity, you should consider adopting another breed. 


This dog has a mind of his own. His job is to lead the livestock, so he knows what authority is about. However, he is an intelligent dog and can be easily trained. You will need to show consistency in your training and a strong hand, otherwise, this dog will consider himself in charge.

Fun facts

  • If not given enough exercise, they will bark and be very destructive.
  • They can live in the city, but not in an apartment. 
  • Aussies are average shedders and need constant grooming. 

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