Dog breeds: Papillon dog breed temperament and personality

Dog breeds: Papillon dog breed, Characteristics and Personality

Papillon dog breed

Looking at a Papillon dog is practically to fall in love with one. These friendly little fellas are Spaniels. They are one of the oldest toy spaniels. Their name comes from the characteristic butterfly-like shape of their ears.


The first registers we see of the Papillon dog go back to the 16th century where you can see them on the portraits of European royalty. These dogs were a favorite of court ladies of the time. Traders would carry them through Spain, Italy, and France. Today they make great house pets and pictures of them are exhibited in the Louvre.

The first dogs had dropped ears. But in the 17th century, a small spaniel was developed and was called Papillon which is French for “butterfly“. This one had the characteristic upright ears of today´s Papillons.

Physical characteristics

The Papillon dog has an almost round head with a short muzzle. The color of their coat is white with patches of any other color. This patch of color covers the ears and they area of the eyes all the way to the back.


This dog is happy, adventurous, and friendly. He is also an alert dog and is never aggressive.

Caring for a Papillon dog

The Papillon dog is a house dog and you would not want to leave him outdoors all day. He likes to play and needs from 20 to 30 minutes of daily walk. It is a good idea to provide him some backyard time for him to run around in circles. If he does not get that outdoors, he’ll do it indoors and you do not want that.

These dogs are pretty sturdy. However, they are delicate and can break a leg from jumping off a table or chair. It is best to always keep an eye of them. If you are planning on leaving him alone, make sure you leave him in a crate or a puppy-proof room.


This dog is fast at following instructions so training should not be a problem. They are easy to housetrain and you should also crate train them. It is for their own good.

Fun facts

  • Some of them can be timid and nervous.
  • They are very sensitive to anesthesia.
  • You cannot break contact with this dog for too much time, so if you do not have such time, consider another breed. He enjoys being with his family all the time.

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