Dog disease: Parvovirus in Dogs Symptoms and Treatment

Dog disease: Parvovirus in Dogs Symptoms and Treatment

Dog disease: Parvovirus in Dogs Symptoms and Treatment

Parvovirus in dogs is a highly contagious viral disease that can compromise a dog´s life. Parvovirus usually attacks the gastrointestinal track but it can also affect the white blood cell count. It can also affect the heart and cause irreversible damage. 

What causes parvovirus in dogs?

Since parvovirus in dogs is caused by an airborne virus, we should deal with the surroundings. The virus can be found in the feces of an infected animal. But since it is highly contagious, you can easily find it flying in the surrounding air. So, it is spread through contact and through feces of an infected animal. 

The virus can survive at a certain place for up to two years, even in inanimate objects such as your hat, clothes, or containers. Due to its high transmissibility, Parvovirus in dogs is of special concern among users, and puppies are very vulnerable to the effects of Parvovirus, usually resulting in death. 

Make sure your dog is up to date on his vaccinations. This will prevent the disease from ever forming. 

What are the symptoms of parvovirus in dogs?

The majority of adult dogs, when presented with the disease do not really manifest any signal of sickness or discomfort.   It is also important to point out that symptoms will vary depending on the dog breed.  The most common symptoms of Parvovirus, are:

What should I do if my dog gets infected?

For starters, you should have vaccinated your dog against this terrible air-borne virus. To this day, there is no medication that eliminates the virus completely but they will help your dog live a full long life.  The veterinarian will prescribe a lot of intensive care to prevent an episode from happening and also, medication to boost his immune system. In the case of a viral infection, antibiotics are prescribed. 

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