Dog study: dogs and monkeys can have human feelings!

Dog study: dogs and monkeys can have human feelings! But we already knew that here in Dogalize; read the results of this amazing experiment!

Dog study: dogs and monkeys can have human feelings! But we already knew that…

In today’s Dogalize exclusive news, we talk about a dog study; we discover that following a study from Kyoto’s University both dogs and monkeys can have human feelings.

Dogs can watch humans and learn which of the humans they’re looking at is willing to help or has good feelings, despite the ones that have bad feelings or are unwilling to help.

Dog study: what we know about what they know?

In an experiment, two human beings are conducted on a scene with 3 balls each. One of them asks the other to give him the balls, and in some cases a person accepts, in other cases the person declines.

A dog and a monkey witnessed the scene, and then a treat was given both.

The dog and the monkey agreed to take the treat most likely from the actor that gave back the balls than the other actor, that refuset.

That looks like the human socialization: we are moved to socialize and be friends to the subjects that are helpful, rather than the ones who don’t help. So the dogs can create empathy just like us. For that reason we love them at the most, and we can’t wait to help as many as we can!

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