What are Hypoallergenic dogs about? Let’s find out

What are Hypoallergenic dogs about? Let's find out

What are Hypoallergenic dogs about?

Let us start with explaining what hypoallergenic dogs refers to. These are breeds that dog lovers prone to allergies can deal with more easily. In other words, these are pets that will not make you sneeze. We must say here that a dog that is 100% hypoallergenic might not exist; there is no solid scientific evidence for this, at least. Besides this, some expert allergens claim that there is no basis in the affirmation that breed is an important factor for a dog to be hypoallergenic or not.

Factors to consider

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding if a dog is hypoallergenic or not is how much they shed. Typically, hypoallergenic dogs shed very little. This means that their dander and saliva stay on the hair and is not released to the environment.

According to experts, this is not a definite factor, though. For some reasons still not understood fully, a particular type of person will not display allergies to a specific dog breed.

Size seems to be another factor. This is more related to a number of allergens a dog can carry, relative to his size. A large dog can carry more of these, especially if he lives between indoors and outdoors. A small dog is less likely to produce allergies since they are a lot easier to bathe and dander just falls off them.

Hair or fur?

If a dog is hypoallergenic or not is very closely related to if it has hair or fur. Technically, a dog that has hair instead of fur is less likely to shed it, therefore reducing his chances of causing runny noses.

What experts recommend about hypoallergenic dogs

Bathing your dog frequently is recommended in order to reduce the presence of an allergen protein. The Humane Society of the United States has the following recommendations to control allergens:

  • Clean and vacuum your home frequently
  • Restrict the dog to certain rooms.
  • Use air filters
  • Adopt a small dog and give him frequent baths.

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