Last wish of a woman: a party for her dog!

The last wish of this woman? A party for her dog! Read this story on Dogalize!

Last wish of this woman? A party for her dog! Read this story on Dogalize!

A true eye-watering story: the last wish of an American woman was to throw a full party for the 20th birthday of her Dachshund. The dog reached the age, and the party was just awesome!

Wheezy the dog, the last wish’s party commander

Wheezy, or Wheezy Ann (the real full name) is an old Dachshund, the real love of a lifetime for its family. Unfortunately, the husband and the mother of the main carachter of our story, Pattie McClung, passed away for the same illness about 3 months one from the other.

The last wish of Pattie’s mother was to “take care of my little Wheezy“, thing that actually Pattie did very well. The other wish was to throw a party for the 20th birthday of the dog, that was arriving; this age is really a record for this dog breed, usually Dachshunds live 10 to 15 years.

The big party for Pattie’s mom last wish

Little Wheezy managed to reach that target and a big party was thrown; in loving memory of Pattie’s mother and husband the party was awesome! Also a cake was made; dog food and vanilla wafers…something really good!

The little Dachshund keeps living with Pattie and walking all days…and who know, she may arrive to a great record if she keeps staying so healthy!

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