Meet Freddy, the Biggest Dog in the World

Meet Freddy, the Biggest Dog in the World

Meet the Biggest Dog in the World

Meet Freddy, the biggest dog in the world. The Guinness Book of World Records officially granted him the title a few weeks ago. He is a four-year-old Great Dane that lives with his owner Claire Stoneman in Essex, UK.

The specs that make him the biggest dog in the world

The record-holding great Dane is a massive dog, standing at an impressive 7ft 6 in on his hind legs. He basically towers over her owner Claire, who is 5ft4in. His weight is over 200 pounds.  He likes to be around the house roaming around with his Great Dane sister, Fleur. Interestingly, Freddie started as the runt of his litter, but grew up like his owner never though he would!

His meal plan

Every year, Claire spends around £10,000 in feeding her pets. According to Claire, Freddy eats 1 kg of beef, 250 grams of casserole steak, and about 300 grams of liver.

His personality

Just like all Great Danes, this is one loving dog. He is very affectionate to his owner and loves to spend time with her on the couch. Freddie has a particular taste for sofas and has devastated twenty-six of them in four years. Only God knows how many more he will be shredding in the future.

He also loves to be petted by Claire which very lovingly will pet, stroke, and give him a good paw massage. At times, he can be more than a handful but Claire´s devotion to his dog is as big as the biggest dog in the world is.

A social dog

As it was expected, Freddy has his own website where his owner posts pictures and blogs about her massive Great Dane. The dog was granted the record only a few weeks ago, so his YouTube channel and Instagram accounts are still growing.

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