Stable fly – What is it and what does it cause?

Stable fly - What is it and what does it cause?

What is the stable fly?

The Stable fly (Stomoxys calcitrans) is an insect which, unlike the majority of members of his family, bites and drinks the blood of their victims. These insects usually bite cattle and horses. If these animals are not available, they attack humans and dogs

What does the stable fly cause to my dog?

When the flies attack a dog, they usually do so in the ear. This is due to the inability of the dog to defend their ears. Sometimes, it may infect the bridge of the nose. The tissue in ears and nose is slim and provides the blood that the fly needs. Dogs who live on farms are more likely to be attacked by the stable fly.

This fly’s bite is very painful. Some dogs suffer hundreds of bites per day. These bites get infected and attract females flies who lay their eggs in the wounds. These will eventually turn into worms.  

What symptoms will my dog display after he is bitten by a stable fly?

When sucking the blood of their victims, the stable fly carries parasites that can cause anemia or other diseases in your dog.  The spot where he was bitten becomes infected and you can observe bloody, painful bumps and crusting, or bleeding. 

What should I do if my dog is bitten by a stable fly?

The bites of this fly are very painful so you should not hesitate to take action right when you see any signs of a bite. Wash the affected area with an antiseptic soap and warm water. Next, apply a topical antibiotic cream to help control any infection. If the infection has already progressed and there is a presence of worms, you should go to the vet

Either you live in the field or the city, it is important to do preventive work. Apply a topical insecticide on your dog´s ears. Remember to practice hygiene with your dog bathing him as appropriate.

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