Dog Breeds: Tibetan Mastiff temperament and personality

Tibetan Mastiff dog

The Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff dog is an ancient giant dog that originated in nomadic cultures that used him to protect sheep from predators. Today, you can still find them performing that job. But the Tibetan Mastiff also enjoys spending time with a loving family of humans.


There is very little documentation on the origins of the Tibetan Mastiff.  He was, of course, originated in Tibet.  According to DNA studies, mastiff dogs developed in Tibet around 5,000 years ago.  But before 1800, very little is known about the Tibetan Mastiff dog.

The Prince of Wales imported The dog breed to England in 1874.  It was brought to America as a present to the President of the United States in the late 1950s.  These two dogs were taken to a farm, away from public scrutiny.  In 1970, several Tibetan Mastiffs were imported into the US and became the foundation for the American line of Mastiffs.

Physical Characteristics

This is a strongly built dog.  It was designed to survive the harsh conditions of Tibet and the Himalayan range. They have a long double coat, which can be of different colors, including black and tan, pure black, several shades of red, and bluish-gray.

A male Tibetan Mastiff can easily reach a height of 26 inches and weigh around 100 to 160 pounds.  The female is 24 inches at the tallest and weighs 75 to 125 pounds.

Temperament and Personality

The Tibetan Mastiff is very protective of his family.  He is a reserved toward strangers but will usually show affection to his family members.  He is a smart dog that wants to be treated equally, not as a pet.  All in all, he is very willing to please their owner.

Caring for a Tibetan Mastiff dog

The Tibetan Mastiff dog can hardly thrive in a hot and humid weather due to their heavy coat.  In order to exercise, play with him for at least 20 to 30  minutes.  Take him for a daily half-hour walk.

He is a companion dog and should live indoors.  But he also needs a large backyard to play around, preferably with another dog, and preferably one close to his size.


Build a strong and firm bond with your Mastiff.  Since they are intelligent and willing to please you, you should not have a major problem with the basic commands.  Make sure you start training him since day one.  Housetraining is pretty easy.

Make your training regular and help him socialize by taking him for a trip to the mall or any other store that allows pets.  This will help the dog develop social skills.  Provide leash training. In fact, it is very important that you do.  You will probably not beat a 160-lb dog pulling you with his leash.

Fun facts

  • They are very small when they are puppies which might cause a misconception when they grow into adults.
  • You should never take him for a walk unleashed.  He should mark territory;  change routes every day to avoid him becoming territorial.
  • These dogs are very sensitive. So, you will make them upset if you are yelling at your kids or fighting with your significant other.
  • Not a good choice for a first-time dog owner.

The Tibetan Mastiff is a dog breed that has nothing that we cannot love.  In Dogalize we understand the importance of taking care of your pets.  This is why we provide you the latest information on everything that has to do with dogs.