Amazing cat story: a cat adopts a homeless kitten

Amazing cat story: a cat adopts a homeless kitten, and they become father and son! Read this and other amazing stories in Dogalize

Amazing cat story: a cat adopts a homeless kitten, and they become father and son!

This amazing cat story starts on an American parking lot. A family, proud owner of a fantastic cat called Karl, found this tiny kitten hungry and scared, and decided to bring him home.

Karl, the 2 years old resident cat, decided not only to become friend with the new cat, but to become his father!

So, Karl and the new income Fred become father and son, and of course good friends. They just do everything together, and Karl teached Fred almost anything he knows: how to get food, how to ask for it, how to be treated, pet and so on. They’re like a gang nowadays!

Amazing cat story: family comes first!

They both wash each other and pet each other, just like real father and son, except they’re nothing more than friends…but our furry friends know how to astonish us always, and this story tells us just this!

Now they live togheter and they just look like pure family. To how many of you happened something like this? Tell us here on Dogalize, share your story!

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