Benefits of a dog harness

A dog harness is an option for the dog collar that has the benefit of avoiding any consequence to the dog´s throat. They also offer better pet control.

Benefits of a dog harness – discover them on Dogalize!

The dog harness is a better option to the dog collar since it removes all the strain off your dog´s neck and distributes it across his chest or his back. But then there could also be some drawbacks to using a dog harness.

Which one is the best for your dog?

You might come to think that if there are dog collars, is because people are still using them and there has not been any full transition from dog collars to harnesses. So, why move to a more expensive option? Well, for starters, collars are not really too convenient to pull your dog around, especially if he is one to go behind anything that moves. Besides this, constant pulling and yanking on a dog collar can bring consequences to your dog´s trachea.

Before you purchase a harness for your pet there are some considerations regarding your dog you must take. Obviously, consider his size and body muscle. Make sure you get one that is of good quality and will not break easily. Therefore, consider material and your dog´s strength.

Small dogs are usually not ruled out from wearing a harness. In this case, these small pooches wear one to avoid severe damage to the trachea. Just make sure that the harness is snugly on your pet but not loose enough as for him to escape from it.

The pros and cons of using a dog harness


  • It prevent your dog´s trachea from getting hurt.
  • It provides you better control of the dog, especially if the dog is big.


  • If your dog has behavior issues, the harness will not help. Your dog will try to remove it. This can lead to aggression.
  • If we compare it to the cost of a collar, a dog harness is more expensive.

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