Cat breeds: the Bambino cat, characteristics and personality

Cat breeds: the Bambino cat, characteristics and personality

The Bambino cat

The Bambino cat was developed as a cross between a Sphynx and a Munchkin cat. Pat and Stephanie Osborne created this breed in 2005. Bambino is Italian for small child, a good representative of this dwarf cat


The Osbornes presented the first litter of Bambino kittens in 2005. They shared the hairless appearance of the Sphynx and the small size of the Munchkin. In 2005, TICA registered as an experimental breed. 

Physical characteristics

This medium-sized cat has a body with a triangular shape. Probably his most distinctive features are his short legs and his hairless wrinkly skin. His tail is slender, long, and flexible. The head is longer than it is wide with large lemon eyes and a square muzzle tip.

The ears are upright at the middle of the head. His weight can be 5 to 9 pounds. It is important to note that, just like hairless cat breeds, the Bambino cat appears to be hairless but very close inspection will confirm that he actually has very fine hair. Eyebrows and whiskers are usually very short or totally absent. 


These cats are affectionate, friendly, and intelligent. They are very close to their family members and love to be petted by them. They can get along with children and other pets. It is important, though, that children in the house are taught to handle a Bambino cat with care and respect. They can very easily adapt to any environment. 

He is moderately vocal, although with proper techniques, like keeping him busy, can reduce vocalization. 

Caring for a Bambino cat

If you bring a Bambino cat to your house you must commit to care for and love this pet as a part of your family. This is an indoor cat. Set up a clean litter in your home and be prepared to having this lovely hairless fella walking towards your lap every time you sit on the couch. 

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