Cat breeds: The Bengal cat, Characteristics and Personality

Cat breeds: The Bengal cat, Characteristics and Personality

Bengal cat

When it comes to a beautifully colored cat with contrasting rings or marbling, the Bengal cat is a great example. This gracious, yet brave and sturdy cat makes him look like he belongs to the jungle. This is a unique cat to have as iit is the only one who looks closer to a tiger, leopard, or ocelot.


His direct ancestor is the Asian leopard cat. This domestic cat takes its name from this ancestor´s scientific name Felis bengalensis. They were created by crossing the Asian leopard cat and domestic shorthairs. The story of how the Bengal cat came to be can be considered one of serendipity. Jean Mill, a breeder from California, had bought an Asian leopard cat and had acquired a black tomcat to make her company. To her surprise, both mated and produced a litter of spotted cats. Jean kept one and crossed her with her father and obtained solid and spotted kittens.

Physical characteristics

These cats have wild-like appearances. The markings that make him look like this are rosettes, large spots, a white belly, and a resemblance to a leopard.

The colors that the International Cat Association accepts for this breed are brown, mink, sepia, seal lynx point, and spotted and marbled patterns. This large cat can weigh 8 to 15 pounds and even more.


This cat is a feast of personality. This breed is intelligent and very active. He is a friendly talkative cat that will always be alert. Prepare yourself for some games to keep him busy as he loves to play games. He uses his claws as if they were hands, which perfectly would if he had opposing thumbs.

He loves playing in the water and you might find him in your pool or thumb. If you have an aquarium, you must know that fish are not safe.

Caring for a Bengal cat

Comb the coat once a week to remove dead hair. This cat has high preying instincts so you cannot trust him with smaller animals such as hamsters, bunnies, or guinea pigs.

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