Cat breeds: the Birman Cat, characteristics and personality

Cat breeds: the Birman Cat, characteristics and personality

The Birman Cat

The most distinctive characteristics of the Birman cat are his deep blue eyes, silky coat, and white “gloves” or “socks” on each paw. This cat, also known as the “Sacred Cat of Burma” has a very soft voice which he will use to let you know that it is time for a nice cuddling on the sofa.


The Sacred Cat of Burma acquired his blue eyes from the blue-eyed goddess. This goddess rewarded a cat’s love for a temple and devotion to his priest by changing his white coat into gold and turning his white eyes into blue. He left his paws white as a reminder of his purity.  

The true story of the Birman cat is not well known as there are no registries. After World War II nearly wiped them, the two remaining in Europe had to be heavily crossed with long-haired breeds to save it from extinction.  

Physical characteristics

The Birman cat is medium-sized with a rectangular body. They possess a characteristic Roman nose. His fur is medium-long and has a silky texture. The recognized colors for this breed are chocolate, blue, lilac, red, cream, or seal. They typically weigh 6 to 12 pounds. 


This cat is very peaceful and will follow you wherever you go. He loves his family and enjoys being around them. His voice is soft, which makes him a rather quiet cat. So you get the graciousness of a Siamese but without the loud voice. His curiosity makes him explore everything around him.  

He will use this soft voice to remind you when it is time for dinner or some petting time at the couch. He loves to be held by you in your arms. 

Caring for a Birman cat

A weekly combing will suffice so that his coat remains silky, clean, and dead hair free.  A warm bath will help to keep his hair healthy and groomed.  

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