Cat breeds: The Bombay Cat, Characteristics and Personality

Cat breeds: The Bombay Cat, Characteristics and Personality

The Bombay Cat

The Bombay cat is a panther-like cat with a short hair and sleek black coat. He loves to play and would love to be taken in by a family willing to love and play with him and provide with a lot of interactive toys.


Despite his name, the Bombay cat has nothing to do with the Indian city. Nikki Horner, a breeder from Louisville, Kentucky, developed the breed. Horner wanted to create a breed that resembled a small black panther. He crossed a Burmese with black American shorthair cats.

His first attempt to create a shiny black cat with a friendly nature and muscular body was a failure when he started in 1958. The second attempt in 1965 was successful. The black leopard of India inspired the cat´s name. The Cat´s Fancier Association recognized him in 1970.

Physical characteristics

The cat has black coat, nose, and toes and copper eyes. This is a hybrid breed more closely related to the Burmese. The Bombay cat is medium-sized with short hair and muscular built. They can weigh between 6 and 11 pounds.


This cat is pretty social and likes to be around people. They are always needy of attention which makes them great cats for children. The Bombay cat does not enjoy lonely time and will not enjoy long times left alone. They will usually get along with other cats. They have a characteristic purring and love to snuggle. In general, this breed is playful, intelligent, and attention seeker.

Caring for a Bombay cat

A good grooming with a brush once a week should be good enough to remove dead hair. As with all breeds of cats, keep your Bombay cat as an indoor cat.

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