Cat breeds: The British Shorthair cat personality

Cat breeds: The British Shorthair cat, Characteristics

The British Shorthair cat

The British Shorthair cat is the typical British home domestic cat. He has a chubby body, dense coat, and a broad face. You probably did not know this but he is pretty famous as well. Puss in Boots and the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland are both British Shorthairs. 


Original from England, this cat is one of the oldest recorded cats. They are thought to date back to the first century. During the victorian era, many cat shows arose and breeders kept the shorthair pedigrees for themselves.  

After WWI and WWII, the breed was practically devastated, with only a few breeders trying to save them from extinction. The British Shorthair cat is well recognized by all cat associations. 

Physical characteristics

This is a compact, sturdy, and powerful cat. He is of medium length with a short muzzle and broad cheeks. The male cats can reach a weight of 9-17 pounds and females can reach a weight of 7-12 pounds. 


The British Shorthair cat is an excellent companion cat. He is mellow and easygoing. Whenever their owner gets up, this cat is will tag along. He does love his humans but it is not one to show it too much. When you sit, he might not run onto your lap but will definitively sit next to you. He has a quiet voice and will not demand your attention. 

This is a big cat, so he does not really enjoy being carried around. Just like many cat breeds, he is very active when he is a kitten but begins to settle down as he grows older. They are not destructive at home and will welcome guests, but cautiously. 

Caring for a British Shorthair cat

This cat is moderately active but will still enjoy playtime with you. The British Shorthair has a simple smooth coat so combing it once a week to remove dead hair should be enough. 

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