Cat breeds: the Burmilla cat, characteristics and personality

Cat breeds: the Burmilla cat, characteristics and personality

The Burmilla cat

The Burmilla cat is a very energetic and adventurous cat, but he is reckless. So you’d better keep any breakables out of the way. This medium-sized cat has a muscular, yet elegant body. 


The origin of the Burmilla cat is one of a love not meant to be. Baroness Miranda Von Kirchberg purchased a Chinchilla Persian male cat named Jemari Sanquist for her husband. They previously owned a beautiful Lilac Burmese, Bambino Lilac Fabergé. One day, a cleaner accidentally left Fabergé’s cage open. He was able to escape, went for his forbidden love where they mated and produced the very first litter of Burmilla cats.   

The four kittens presented on September 11, 1981, were so beautiful that they were placed into a breeding program.   

Physical Characteristics

These muscular cats are medium-sized. They possess a characteristic sparkling silver coat. This coat can come in a variety of colors, including blue, black, chocolate, lilac and sometimes tortoiseshell, red, and cream.  

These cats can weigh between 6 and 13 pounds. 


The Burmilla cat is a sweet and friendly companion. He is slightly more extroverted than his Persian ancestor. Due to his sweet nature, he gets along with children and other animals. Smart, inquisitive, affection and a seductive personality make the Burmilla cat one preferred by many cat lovers

These cats remain playful even when adults, so expect them to want to play around all the time. They are pretty adventurous but they are not the masters of care so you might want to place all your breakables in a safe place. Loving of people, they are not too demanding of attention. 

Caring for a Burmilla cat

These cats are pretty low maintenance. Just make sure you feed them a balanced diet of cat food, raw meat, or dry food. Groom their short and smooth hair once a week to get rid of dead hairs.

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