Cat breeds: Chantilly-Tiffany cat, characteristics and personality

Cat breeds: Chantilly-Tiffany cat, characteristics and personality

Chantilly-Tiffany cat

The Chantilly-Tiffany cat is a breed that resulted from cross-breeding long-haired Burmese and Asian cats. He has a characteristic medium-long hair and long ears, along with a fluffy tail. The breed is also known as Chantilly or Foreign Longhair.


Jennie Robinson from New York bought two long-haired chocolate cats, “Thomas” and “Shirley”. In 1969, Shirley gave birth to a litter of 16 kittens. They all had similar looks and all had chocolate color. In the 1970s Thomas and Shirley and their progeny were registered in the ACA as “Foreign Longhairs”.

Some did not think this to be a too general name for the breed. It was then named “Tiffany” as it was more elegant. Since this name could be confused with the “Tiffanie” from the UK, they changed it to Chantilly. This eventually grew to become Chantilly/Tiffany.

Physical characteristics

The coat of the Chantilly-Tiffany cat is semi-long and with no undercoat. This makes grooming fairly easy. He is a medium-length cat with a broad head. Typically, he comes in chocolate color but standards now allow other colors such as blue, lilac, cinnamon, and fawn.

His eye color is pretty bright and yellow when they are young. However, the intensity of his eye color increases with age.


When you think of this cat´s personality, probably the word “moderate” comes to mind. He is not a potato couch but he is not that active. They are not too gentle either. The kittens are really playful but this wears out as they grow into adults. They like to take part in family activities and will follow their favorite owner all around the house.

They love to play with toys and are very affectionate with those he loves.

Caring for a Chantilly-Tiffany cat

The Chantilly-Tiffany cat does not have an undercoat which makes grooming fairly easy. This cat does not enjoy being alone for too much time, so make sure you can dedicate your every day to make him company.

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