Cat breeds: Cornish Rex cat characteristics and personality

Cat breeds: Cornish Rex cat characteristics and personality

The Cornish Rex cat

The Cornish Rex cat is a playful, affectionate, and active cat. One of the most interesting features of this cat is one of the games he really enjoys: catch and fetch.


The Cornish Rex cat is the result of a genetic mutation. We have to go back to 1950 when a curly-coated kitten was born to a shorthaired tortoiseshell and white domestic cat named Serena. It happened in Cornwall, in the home of Nina Ennismore and Winifred Macalister. The other four kittens were shorthaired, so this little fella stood out from the rest very easily.

A breeding program started and The American Cat Fanciers Association and the Canadian Cat Association officially recognized the Cornish Rex cat as a breed in 1963. The Cat Fancier´s Association followed one year after. 

Physical characteristics

The hair of these cats is pretty fine and curly. Unlike most cat breeds, the Cornish Rex only has the undercoat. This means that they are not suited for cold weathers. In fact, the Cornish Rex cat will look for a warm place to sit on. Due to its looks, the breed is sometimes called the “greyhound” of cats. He is agile and has a slender body.  This medium-sized cat weighs 6 to 10 pounds. 


When you look at a Cornish Rex, the first impression you get is probably a refined and dignified cat. But this is one playful cat that will do anything to keep you entertained, even play the piano. This cat is highly intelligent and pretty enthusiastic.  

He gets really connected to his people and will follow them everywhere. The fact that this cat is slender and agile is not the only thing that makes him look like a dog.  He also enjoys fetching games.  

Caring for a Cornish Rex cat

This cat loves to be handled so picking him up and taking him to the veterinarian should not be a problem. Keep him away from very cold areas. Brushing him is the easiest thing; just brush your hand over his coat. Bathing might not be necessary at all unless they get white. 

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