Cat breeds: The Cyprus cat characteristics and personality

Cat breeds: The Cyprus cat characteristics and personality

The Cyprus cat

The Cyprus cat is a landrace of a domestic cat brought to Cyprus by St. Helen from Egypt to eliminate snakes and other vermin from the island. At least this is what is believed. No cat association recognizes the Cyprus a breed.


Research has shown that the oldest remains of a domesticated cat probably belong to Cyprus. In 2004, archaeologists from Shillourokambus, a Neolithic site, discovered human remains alongside cats remains. This is probably a landrace of the modern Cyprus cat. This unearthed cat remains had the characteristics of an Egyptian cat, probably brought to Cyprus 4,000 years ago. 

The Cyprus cat is not considered a breed of itself and is not recognized as such. 

Physical characteristics

The Cyprus cat is a very close relative of the Cyprus Longhair. Samples of this cat can be found all around  Cyprus. The not accepted colors for a Cyprus cat are lilac, cinnamon, chocolate, and fawn.  This is a cat that can weigh up to 15 lb, so it is one large cat. 

Their bodies are strong and big with a long neck and back. Their almond-shaped eyes can be of any color. The tail can also vary in size and can be medium to long. 


This is one cat that will fill you with love. It is a very sociable cat and will, therefore, follow their owners everywhere. They love to spend time on a person´s lap. 

Caring for a Cyprus cat

You should groom this cat regularly to remove dead hair and prevent entanglement. This cat is not very vocal but if you want to keep him quiet keep him occupied since this will eliminate stimuli for vocalizing. The Cyprus cat requires a lot of attention and they will seek it. Despite liking to play and have fun activities with you, the cat is not overall too active. You can actually get one if you prefer a not-so-active cat. 

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