Cat breeds: The Donskoy cat characteristics and personality

Cat breeds: The Donskoy cat characteristics and personality

The Donskoy cat

The Donskoy cat is a highly intelligent domestic cat with no hair. They are beautiful cats that radiate mystery with their piercing look. He holds no relationship with the Sphynx, whose hairlessness is due to a recessive gene. The gene responsible for the lack of hair in the Donskoy cat is dominant. 


Cat breeder Elena Kovaleva was the one who discovered the foundational hairless cat of the Donskoy in Rostov-on-Don,  Russia in 1987.  Varvara, as Elena called her, was found inside a bag some young boys were playing soccer with. The kitten was terrified and in pain. Elena noticed that Varvara was losing her hair, got her some treatment but it was all in vain.

Later on, Varvara gave birth to a litter of haired and hairless kittens. Since this was considered a medical condition, people suggested getting rid of the hairless cats. Irina Nemikina, a breeder, took a kitten with her and within years she had created a new breed of Russian hairless cats, which she called Don Sphynx. Don is a nod to the river where Varvara was found and Sphynx because of the lack of hair. 

Physical characteristics

The Donskoy cat has four coat colors. These coats are Rubber Bald, Flocked, Velour and Brush. Only one will not cause hair loss, the Brush. Their hair-loss dominant gene causes them to lose any hair they might be born with.  

The Donskoy cat is elegant with a compact and sturdy body. Their elastic skin forms many wrinkles on their face. You can also find wrinkles on the neck. This medium-sized cat is dense and muscular.  


This cat is social, intriguing, elegant, and definitively unique. The are very friendly, active, and intelligent. They will engage in playing activities if you decide to join them in.

Since they are very social, they truly believe that anyone that enters the house got there to see them. Not only are they social with humans but with other animals as well. They are highly curious and extremely affectionate.

Caring for a Donskoy cat

Grooming and caring for a Donskoy cat is not that difficult. They will remain loyal and dedicated to you. Make sure you reciprocate this dedication with time and playing time. Oh, and food, too. 

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