Cat breeds: the Dwelf Cat characteristics and personality

Cat breeds: the Dwelf Cat characteristics and personality

The Dwelf Cat: an elf-looking dwarf cat

The Dwelf cat is a very good example of  “a cat so ugly it is cute.” This dwarf cat certainly has some interesting feature that makes it quite exotic.


The name “dwelf” comes from the combination of the term dwarf (this is a dwarf cat) and elf (which refers to the looks of the cat). These dwarf cats were conceived in the United States. They are the result of mixing the Munchkin, the American Curl, and the Sphynx cat.  

Physical characteristics

The most prominent features that stand out from the Dwelf cat is the fact that it is hairless and he is very small. It is almost like the size of a kitten. Technically, they are not completely hairless, they do have very tiny hairs, almost invisible at first glance. 

Another interesting feature of the dwarf cat is that, while most cats have pointed ears, the Dwelf cat has curled ears. Like most dwarf cats, the hind legs of the Dwelf cat are slightly longer than the forelegs. This is the characteristic they got from the Munchkin. An adult cat can weigh up to 4 lbs and be half the size of an average-size cat. 


Some people say that the Dwelf cat is like a dog. This is just one way of saying that this dwarf cat is very social and love interacting with people. If you can get past the looks on this interesting and mystique-looking cat, they make a lovely pet. The Dwelf loves to be around people all the time. 

Caring for a Dwelf cat

The Dwelf cat can have some skeletal issues such as curvature of the spine and spectus excavatum. It is important to know these risks before adopting any of these cats. They make great companions and it is best to keep this cat indoors because their skin is vulnerable to sunburns. A weekly bath is necessary to remove any oil clog that the lack of fur was not able to remove. 

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