Cat breeds: the Egyptian Mau cat characteristics and personality

Cat breeds: the Egyptian Mau cat characteristics and personality

The Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau cat exhibits a characteristic that is not very common in cats and that is a natural spotted coat in smoke, bronze, and silver. This is actually his most striking trait, along with large gooseberry green eyes.


The name suggests an Egyptian origin. According to breeders, these cats go back thousands of years to ancient Egypt. However, DNA studies have shown that this might not be entirely true. In fact, the results showed that the cat has European and North American origins. To this day, this still holds as a debate. 

The Egyptian Mau cat is the only domestics cat with a natural spotted coat. This means that it is not the result of genetic manipulation through breeding. The cats were known in Europe by WWII, but the war almost made them disappear.  

The Cat Fanciers Federation officially recognized the breed in 1968 and the Cat Fancier’s Association did so in 1977. 

Physical Characteristics

This is small to medium-sized cat with a slender and muscular body. The uniqueness of their behavior, metabolism, and anatomy seems to suggest an antique origin. Their back legs are larger than their forelegs. A skin fold under the belly, like in cheetahs, allows them to take large leaps for running. The weight of these cats goes between 6 and 14 pounds. 


The Egyptian Mau cat is very vocal. He is a friendly cat that loves to be around his family. He is a medium active cat that enjoys games. These cats like to jump high, so a tall perch or tree will be a blessing to him. 

These cats also enjoy playing with water so do not be surprised if you find him splashing out water from your pool, aquarium, or his water bowl. He is totally devoted to his family and loves to be worshiped by them, and anyone else. 

Caring for an Egyptian Mau cat

Provide fun activities and hunting toys for this cat as he loves to show off his hunting prowess. One grooming every week should be enough to take off dead hair. 

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