Cat breeds: the Foldex Cat characteristics and personality

Cat breeds: the Foldex Cat characteristics and personality

The Foldex Cat

The Foldex cat is a breed of domestic cat that originated in the Canadian province of Quebec. He is a cute cat with the looks of a small owl. This is one playful and affectionate cat that are not very demanding of attention


The Foldex cat first appeared in Quebec in 1992. Since then, there has been controversy about the defects in the shape of their skulls. This cat is the result of an experimental breeding that crossed the Scottish Fold cat with both Exotic Longhair and the Shorthair cats. The Foldex cat inherited their genetic defect on their skulls from the Scottish Fold.

In 1998, thanks to breeder Jeanne Barrette, this cat got accepted as an “experimental breed”. The cat was recognized as a “new breed” in August 2008 and obtained championship status in 2010. Only the Canadian Cat Association recognizes this as an “experimental breed“.  This means that they are only produced in Canada, although they are also available in the United States and the UK. 

Physical characteristics

The characteristic that makes this cat famous are their folded ears with rounded tips. They also have a very noticeable nose break between the eyes. They are of medium stature with a round face.  The coat of a Foldex cat can be either short or long. Their weight goes between 8 and 10 pounds.


They are sweet, affectionate, intelligent and very peaceful and quiet. The fact that they are also not demanding of attention makes them a perfect companion. They love to be cuddled, caressed, and patted, which will make them walk around you.  

You will usually find this curious cat roaming around the house. He is very easy-going with children and other pets.

Caring for a Foldex cat

The frequency with which you must groom this cat will depend on the length of the coat. Usually, once a week should be enough for an average coat length. The longer coated ones will need brushing twice a week.  

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