Cat breeds: the German Rex cat characteristics and personality

Cat breeds: the German Rex cat characteristics and personality

The German Rex cat

The German Rex cat, as its name suggests, is a domestic cat original from Germany. It has some resemblance with the more popular Cornish Rex.  


There is no common agreement of the exact origin of the German Rex cat. Most breeders believe, though, that it originated in 1951, one year after the Cornish Rex was conceived. Shortly after World War II, Dr. Rose Scheuer-Karpin spotted the first Rex in the form of a female, black feral cat. 

He picked it up while wandering in a hospital in East Berlin. Lammchen, as Dr. Scheuer-Karpin named her, gave birth to many litters. She was then crossed with one of her children and produced the first litter of German Rex kittens in 1957.

Physical Characteristics

This cat is of medium size, slender, and with a muscular body. A very prominent trait is his round face, pronounced cheeks, and large, open ears. The coat of the German Rex cat is short, curly, and silky with short awn hairs that make him look woolier than the Cornish Rex.  

The accepted colors for the coat are all the shades of brown, blue, red, fawn, cinnamon, white, chocolate, black, and seal. They have an average weight of 8 lb.   


These cats have an overall pleasant personality. They love to be cuddled and pampered. Since they are very social, they do well with their family, strangers, and other pets. The German Rex cat is active and energetic but he is also very patient. They display enormous loyalty and like to be with their owner at all times. 

Caring for a German Rex cat

Brush his hair once a week to remove dead hair and help distribute natural oils. Since their coat gets especially greasy, this cat will need more bathing time than other cats. 

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