Cat breeds: The Havana Brown cat characteristics & personality

Cat breeds: The Havana Brown cat characteristics and personality

The Havana Brown cat

The Havana Brown cat is a sweet chocolate cat with striking green eyes. But the most distinguishable characteristic of this cat is the shape of his head; it is longer than it is wide.


The Havana Brown cat is of Southeast Asian origin. They were believed to offer protection from evil and became known as a Swiss Mountain cat. Then, their name was changed to Havan Brown. How did all of this happen is uncertain. We do know that they acquired the name Swiss Mountain cat when they were exhibited as Siamese cats from Thailand in Britain in 1890.

After going through many crosses and experimental breeding, today the genetic diversity of these cats is in peril. They really do not have any connection with Cuba, except maybe the color of Cuban cigars. The Cat Fancier’s Association officially recognized the breed in 1964. 

Physical characteristics

The head of the Havana Brown is slightly longer than it is wide. They have a one-of-a-kind rounded muzzle. The oval eyes can be any shade of green. However, the greener, the better as they contrast better with the chocolate coat. 

The large, round, and wide ears provide the Havana Brown cat with an alert appearance. This medium-sized cat can weigh 6 to 10 pounds. They are muscular and powerful, yet graceful and elegant. 


According to cat connoisseurs, once you own a Havana Brown cat, there is no other cat for you. They get along with people and other cats pretty well. They need affection and companion by their human owners. This is one cat that likes to be a part of all home activities.

The cat is moderately active, with sprinting from one end of the house to the other as his favorite activity. They second thing they love the most is napping, which they love to do next to the human they love the most. A gentle paw touch on everything they want to investigate testifies of their sense of curiosity. 

Caring for a Havana Brown cat 

A weekly brush will suffice for this cat. Make sure you clip his nails regularly and clean their ears frequently. They have minimum hair shedding so regular bathing is not really necessary.  

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