Cat breeds: Khao Manee Cat characteristics and personality

Cat breeds: Khao Manee Cat characteristics and personality

Khao Manee Cat

The Khao Manee cat is a rare domestic cat from Thailand. This is one beautiful white cat with blue, gold, green, or odd eyes, which happens to be their most striking feature.  


This mystical cat was once jealously kept by Thai royalty. He is a naturally-bred cat. People in ancient Thailand considered them sacred cats. A Khao Manee cat with odd eyes was thought to bring good fortune. It is interesting to know that even though today, the Siamese is the most popular cat coming from Thailand, this cat was actually the most revered in Siam. 

The breed is now also known as the Diamond Eye. The name Khao Manee means “white gem”, and it is not hard to see why it is called that way. It first entered the United States in 1999.

Physical characteristics

The cat is medium-sized with a muscular body covered by a white coat and adorned with sparkling eyes. The most exotic form of Khao Manee is the odd-colored eye.  They could have a blue and a green eye or they can have a blue and a gold eye. He has long legs and an athletic build. 

The graceful appearance of the Khao Manee cat is accompanied by a smooth, beautiful, and most of the time, pure white. There seems to be a gene for white coloration which might affect an animals cochlea and make it go dry. In other words, some of these cats are born deaf.  


The Khao Manee develops a strong bond with their family. They are very social and love human affection and attention. He is a very active cat that enjoys game time with their loved ones. 

Caring for a Khao Manee cat

Keep in mind that you need to keep this cat always active. Due to their short hair, they do not require much grooming. Once or twice a week should be sufficient, though, since they do have a small undercoat.  Make sure your Khao Manee does not get too much sun exposure. Since their coat is white, they can suffer sun burning, which can lead to cancer.

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