Cat breeds: the Korn Ja cat characteristics and personality

Cat breeds: the Korn Ja cat characteristics and personality

The Korn Ja cat

The Korn Ja cat is original from Thailand and is one of the good luck cats mentioned in a Thai book titled “Smud Khoi of Cats”. This is a black cat with yellow eyes that has become very popular among breeders.


The Korn Ja cat has its origins in Thailand where it is considered a lucky charm. Very little is known about the true origins of the Korn Ja cat. 

Physical characteristics

This is a small-sized cat with a delicate built. This makes him more suited for indoor living. His coat is made of very thing fur or no hair at all; he is described as glabrous. The average weight of the Korn Ja cat is between 6 and 11 pounds. This small size has been a factor to his popularity as he is described as delicate, teeny, and bitsy. 

Their mouth and tail are tapered, a feature that contributes to their loving shape and size. Although most of them are black, you can find a few with blue-grey coloration. The eyes of this cat are medium sized and create a unique appearance on this cat which is one of the factors that has contributed to his popularity. 


The Korn Ja cat is highly affectionate and loving. They can easily adjust to any type of home as they wil not shy away from strangers. They build strong bonds with their humans and want to be next to them at all times. These cats are so affectionate and have so much love that they can even be around dogs.  

Korn Ja owners say that this cat does very well playing with children and will show love towards them even if these treate them harshly. This cat is also highly intelligent which makes him great to learn new tricks. They are highly energetic and they can´t have enough play time. This is probably why they get along with children so well. 

Caring for a Korn Ja cat

These cats can live 13 to 16 years if taken care of properly. Grooming might be needed at least once a week and bathing maybe once every month. 

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