Dog breeds: Boykin Spaniel dog temperament and personality

Dog breeds: Boykin Spaniel dog temperament and personality

Boykin Spaniel dog

The Boykin Spaniel dog is a medium-energetic dog developed for hunting wild turkeys and ducks in South Carolina, namely at the Wateree River Swamp. It is the state’s National Dog of South Carolina. This Spaniel can be a great hunter but also a nice family member. 


Alexander L. White befriended this small dog that always walked with him on the way to First Presbyterian Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina. This probably happened around 1905. When he saw some retriever characteristics on it, he sent it to his hunting friend, “Whit” Boykin who started a breeding program that gave origin to what we know today as the first Boykin Spaniel dog.

The AKC officially recognized the Boykin Spaniel dog in 2009 as a separate breed.

Physical characteristics

He is a hunting dog and therefore should be a strong one. As a comparison, he is slightly larger than the English Cocker Spaniel but much heavier. Males can reach a height of 15.5 to 17 in and weigh 30 to 40 pounds. Females are usually all graceful and will weigh only slightly less than their male counterparts. The female stands at 14 to 16.5 in and weighs 25 to 35 pounds.    


The Boykin Spaniel dog is friendly and loving to this family. It is an excellent dog among human children. He is willing to please so should not pose a challenge to training. Since he was bred on a farm, he is very active and always alert. Overall, he is a loving and playing dog that will get very sad every time the owner has to leave.  

Caring for a Boykin Spaniel dog

These dogs require daily exercise and grooming. The coat needs to be clipped regularly due to all the dirt they collect in your backyard and bring into your house. 


As stated before, this dog is willing to please. This makes him fairly easy to train. However, sometimes, he makes the training difficult as well, due to his stubbornness.

This breed is relatively young. The AKC recognized it an official breed in 2009. May you both live a happy life together.   

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