Dog breeds: The Brittany Dog temperament and personality

Dog breeds: The Brittany Dog temperament and personality

The Brittany Dog

The Brittany dog is one breed designed for hunting. This gundog was originally called Brittany Spaniel, but the American Kennel Club dropped the “Spaniel” from the name. These dogs are pretty energetic and make great companions as well as effective hunters.


The first records of the Brittany dog go back to the 17th century in tapestries and paintings. In the mid-1800s, the modern Brittany started to acquire its shape in the region of Brittany known as Pontou. They take their name from the Celtic region of France, which used to be an independent kingdom.  

They were recognized as a breed in France in 1907. Brittany dogs arrived in the United States in 1931. The AKC recognized it a breed in 1934.  

Physical characteristics

This dog is athletic, energetic, compact, and strongly built. Their coat color is diverse. The most common in the American version is white and orange or white and liver. Other colors include liver roan and orange roan.  

These medium-sized dogs are usually 17.5 to 20.5 inches in the American version while the French version is 17 t0 20.5 inches tall, only slightly smaller. An adult well-built Brittany dog weighs 30 t0 40 pounds.  


True to his hunting nature, Brittanies are always alert and happy. They are highly energetic and always willing to please his owners. They enjoy time with their families and like to do things together. When it comes to birds, these dogs will remain focused and become single-minded.

Caring for a Brittany dog

Since this dog is very active and smart, you have to provide constant physical and mental stimulation. Otherwise, they get bored and pretty destructive. They do best when placed in a big yard. Since they require large amounts of land to exercise, they are not so well-suited for apartment or city living.  


Given that this dog is smart and willing to please, training should not be a problem. You do need to provide a strong and firm hand. Be consistent but not harsh. A sharp word is usually enough to stop any unwanted behavior. 

Fun facts

  • Its name was officially changed to Brittany on September 1, 1982.
  • This dog is loved by both families and huntsmen.  It became popular in the US due to it being a shooting dog.
  • These dogs do not enjoy alone time. If you will be out for too long, consider getting two Brittanys.

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