Dog breeds: Cesky Terrier dog temperament and personality

Dog breeds: Cesky Terrier dog temperament and personality

Cesky Terrier

From the Czech Republic and melting our hearts comes the Cesky Terrier dog. This dog was initially developed to get rid of vermin but today makes a nice companion dog for many families.  


František Horák, a Czech breeder developed this breed in 1948. He crossed a Sealyham terrier and a Scottish Terrier with the purpose of creating a dog that would hunt in the forests of Bohemia. At that time, Czechoslovakia was under a communist regime. The popularity of his breed made him receive a lot of mail from outside the country, calling the attention of the secret police.

The AKC recognized the breed officially in 2011 after becoming eligible to joining the American Kennel Club Stock Service Program in 2004.

Physical characteristics

This hunting terrier has a muscular body, is short-legged, and well-pigmented. His coat has a slight texture in shades of gray, charcoal, platinum, and brown. He has a rectangular body, meaning that he is longer than he is tall. He has natural dropping ears and a natural dropped tail. 


This dog is very family-oriented, he is not aggressive, and of a very calm nature. They have a reputation for being the less active and quieter of the terriers.  

Caring for a Cesky Terrier dog

This is a moderately active dog and does not really need much activity. In fact, this makes him not suitable for children. His coat is not stripped but rather clipped so you should brush his hair regularly. 


Since this dog is rather laid back, he is more trainable than the rest of the terriers. They are smart enough to understand and obey basic commands

Fun facts

  • The Cesky Terrier dog is sometimes called the Czech terrier and or Bohemian Terrier.
  • In the Czech Republic, it is featured in some stamps. 

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