Dog breeds: Clumber Spaniel Dog temperament & personality

Dog breeds: Clumber Spaniel Dog temperament & personality

Clumber Spaniel Dog

The Clumber Spaniel Dog was developed in the UK to find and retrieve game for hunters. It is a dog breed of the spaniel type. They make great family pets and also compete in field trials as gundogs.


The history of the Clumber Spaniel dog is uncertain. The most romantic story that still holds as a theory says that the French Duc de Noailles shipped his entire kennel of spaniels to the Duke of Newcastle in England to save them from the French Revolution. This is when the unique Clumber Spaniel dog characteristics were developed. 

Even though this story does not have solid evidence, it is backed up by a 1788 painting of the Duke of Newcastle with a white dog that resembles a Clumber. The name comes from the Duke´s estate, Clumber Park, in Nottingham. The breed was officially recognized by the AKC in 1884.

Physical characteristics

This is a large dog, the largest of the spaniels. The medium-sized dog can stand at 17 to 20 inches and weigh 55 to 85 pounds. His head is characteristically massive with dark amber eyes.  Their coat is dense, straight, and water resistant. The Clumber Spaniel dog is predominantly white with brown, lemon, or orange markings at the base of the tail and around the eyes


These dogs are sweet and gentle but also determined and independent. They are usually quiet dogs that will not bark at everything. They can be aloof of strangers or very welcoming of them.  

Caring for a Clumber Spaniel Dog

These dogs can do well in apartments and condos. They only require 20-30 min daily walks. They also enjoy fetching things. Take into consideration that this is a large dog and therefore will require more food, bathing, and resources


Since these dogs are self-willing, they can be hard to train. They are intelligent but also independent thinkers. You must have a firm hand and establish your leadership since they are puppies. They can easily develop bad habits such as counter surfing, chewing, and stealing food. You might want to crate train them. 

Fun facts

  • The Clumber Spaniel dog was first shown in England in 1859.
  • They are slow, silent, but hard workers. 
  • Thier ancestors are thought to be the Basset Hound and the early Alpine Spaniel
  • This breed is rare, so if you expect to get one from a reputable breeder, you might have to get in line. 
  • These dogs are excellent for first-time dog owners.  

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