Dog breeds: Dachshund Dog temperament and personality

Dog breeds: Dachshund Dog temperament and personality

The Dachshund Dog

The Dachshund dog is easy to spot due to their long, slim body and their short legs. These scent hounds were bred to hunt tunneling animals such as rabbits, rabbits, and foxes.


Accounts from the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries show a dog that was large in body and short in height and hunts badgers. These dogs were named Dachshund (badger dog) as early as the 17th century. The Dachshund has been through a lot of breeding programs that sought to keep the best traits from the dog.

The Dachshund Club of America has been fighting for official recognition since 1895.  The AKC added the Dachshund dog to their field trials in 1935.

Physical characteristics

Typically, a Dachshund dog has a long and muscular body held by short and stubby legs. The front paws are usually more powerful to allow the dog to scavenge. The physical appearance of the Dachshund was purposefully made long and with short legs. 

There are three varieties of Dachshund dog coat:  smooth coat, longhaired, and wirehaired. You should not let the short legs fool you. Tise pup is very active and always on the look for something to do. These dogs breed in two different sizes: Standard and Miniature. 


This dog is courageous, lively, curious, friendly, and spunky. They want to be close to their people and cuddle with them. The coat type usually determines the kind of personality and behavior they will choose. The wirehaired ones can be pretty mischevious. Longhairs are quite and calm while the Smooths have a personality in between. 

Caring for a Dachshund dog

This dog loves to dig and socialize. They have lots of energy and stamina, so make sure you can actually put up with them before adopting. Two half-mile walks per day should suffice this energetic dog. 


This dog is stubborn and likes to get his way. This makes him difficult to train. But with a strong and firm hand you will see success. They also need early socialization with pets and other humans. 

Fun facts

  • Crate-training is also a must, but these dogs are not easy to train. 
  • Their hunting ancestry makes them dig holes and kill your dandelions in the process. 

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