Dog breeds: English Foxhound dog temperament & personality

Dog breeds: English Foxhound dog temperament and personality

The English Foxhound

The English Foxhound dog is an excellent companion dog. This scent hound was initially bred to hunt foxes in the English countryside.


The English Foxhound dog originated in England to hunt the red fox. It has been listed since the 18th century. It came to America in 1738 when Lord Fairfax brought the first pack. This dog helped to the development of the American Foxhound. The AKC officially recognized the breed in 1902.

Physical characteristics

These dogs carry a wide skull and long muzzle. Their rounded paws almost look like a cat´s. They have a muscular body with a strong build and straight-boned.  

Any hound color is admitted for the English Foxhound dog: tan, red, tricolor, and black with a white base are the most common. Standards establish that this dog has to be 21 to 25 inches tall. 


Since the dog is a scent hound, he loves his pack and gets along with other animals and enjoys human company. This is a social dog which also happens to be very active. 

He is an independent thinker and requires a person with a firm voice. These dogs have a peculiar barking that sounds like a baying bark. They will sing out whenever they see a stranger approaching which makes them good guardian dogs

Caring for an English Foxhound dog

Since this is a hunting dog, he is very active. They need anytime from 30 to 60 minutes daily of exercise and walking. He is a hunter and will try to bring up his instincts. So, if he cannot spend time hunting, compensate with daily exercises

Try to get these dogs in pairs as they are very social. If the dog lives alone, do not leave him outside to himself for too long periods of time as these dogs can get lonely.  


Due to their independent personality (sometimes even stubbornness), training these dogs might take more time than normal. Obedience training requires patience but once you achieve it you will have a great companion.  

Fun facts

  • The pedigrees of these nice dogs can be traced back several decades ago, in the English Foxhound Stud of America, published by the Masters of the Foxhound’s Association of America. 
  • Not recommended for apartment living.
  • Try to get a couple of these hounds, this will help them get along and not feel alone.

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