Dog Collar: use and types of dog collars

Dog Collar: use and types of dog collars

Dog Collars

Dog collars are one of the essential dog supplies that you must get for your pet before bringing him home. These are very important as it helps the dog realize that you are the boss and not the other way around. A dog collar may have several purposes: identification, control, fashion, restraint, and some others. 

Dog collars are usually accompanied with a leash to steer and control the dog. An alternative to a dog collar is a dog harness. They are made of many materials. Some are made of leather, nylon, polyester, hemp, metal, or vinyl.  

Basic types of dog collars

  • Safety stretch collars contain an elastic panel in the sturdy collar that allows easy escape to avoid strangulation. They come in handy when the dog gets caught in branches, fences, and gates. 
  • Buckle collars are similar to a belt buckle. A flat collar, as they are also known, must sit comfortably around the dog’s neck. 
  • Break-away collars are just like buckle collars, except that they have a safety mechanism that allows the dog to get free if sufficient force is applied.  This is useful if the dog gets trapped. 

Medicinal collars

  • Flea collars contain a chemical used to repel fleas. It is normally worn with the normal collar. 
  • Elizabeth collars are a truncated cone fitted into a dog to prevent him from scratching or licking a wound on his head or neck  

Special-purpose dog collars

  • Reflective collars include a reflective tape to ensure that drivers will be able to spot the dog at night. 
  • Stud collars or wolf collars have studs or spikes around it to prevent other dogs from biting the neck. These collars were designed by ancient Greeks and used for the dogs to protect themselves from getting bitten by a wolf or other predators. 

Training dog Collars

These ones are used for the purpose of training a dog only and are not being used all the time. They should not be left on a dog unsupervised.  

  • Flat collars are used to train most dogs. 
  • Head halters are similar to a horse’s halter. It is worn around the back of the neck and around the muzzle. It provides better control and prevents choking from a normal collar. 
  • Martingale collars are mostly used to easily tighten or loosen around a dog´s neck. If the dog attempts to get rid of it, it will tighten itself. 

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