Dog saving story: a dog calls for help with his tail!

Dog saving story: a dog hit by a car calls for help with his tail! Discover how a golden retriever has been saved in India thanks to his tail.

Dog saving story: a dog hit by a car calls for help with his tail!

An amazing dog saving story comes from the streets of India, where a golden retriever called Goldie demonstrated how to get help by vets wagging his tail after being struck by an incoming car.

Dog saving story: the tale

So, Goldie now is ok and everything went good. But how this happened?

Goldie is a golden retriever that lives in the street, in India, loved and helped by anyone in the neighborhood. Unfortunately one day Goldie has been struck by an incoming car, that left him seriously injured on the floor.

All neighbours rushed to help him and called the vet; the ambulance arrived and noticed the gravity of the situation. Goldie noticed the vets arriving, and he wagged his tail; this gesture touched the rescuers and made them cry.

Dog saving story: the happy ending

After a long run to the pet hospital, and after days of recovery, luckily and thanks to the help of the great vets of that neighborhood Goldie is now healed and well. He keeps being loved by all his human friends, and being the mascotte of the neighborhood. And no one can touch him again, as he’s protected by the love of his human friends.

This dog breed luckily can recover quite fast from injuries, at least until they’re young. Of course, a car struck can result in the death of the dog; but Goldie was lucky enough to be hit soft enough to survive the crash and to find the immediate help of all his human friends, that managed to get him to the hospital and to save him.

Lots of love and lots of compliments to Goldie and to all his human friends that saved him; thank to all and welcome back Goldie!