Essential Pet Supplies: getting your dog or kitten supplies

Essential Pet Supplies: getting your dog or kitten supplies

Essential Pet Supplies

You have heard it countless of times. Getting a pet is not the same as getting a teddy bear. You can´t just bring a puppy or a kitten home and drop him on a backyard to his own luck. If this is your plan, chances are he is better off at the shelter or pound you got him from. One of the first things you’ll hear about planning ahead of time is getting your dog or kitten essential pet supplies. 

Now, we all know that the basic things that you need to provide to your pet are:

All of the above require an expense, but it does not stop there. Essential pet supplies are found in all pet stores in your locality. 

What is it like to have a pet

How about we start with the perks of having a pet at home plus all the things you will have to deal with.  

  • You will have a faithful companion.
  • You will get someone to love and be loved by you. Dogs and cats can´t talk, but they can love. Love does not need words anyway. 
  • There will always be someone to greet you at home when you come from a long day at work. Yes, even most cats will do that too. 
  • Admit it, you actually love going to the pet store and get pet supplies for your dog or cat. 
  • You will do exercise daily from picking up after your dog. You should clean the cat´s litter frequently, which will also give you exercise.
  • Fur here, fur there, fur everywhere. Go figure, more exercise for you to do in removing all that from your upholstery and carpet. 

A budget of pet supplies

To get ready for your pet, you should get ready with the essential supplies. Let’s classify them by pet.


  • Food. Annual cost: $150
  • Toys. Annual cost: $30
  • Litter. Annual cost:  $160
  • Routine vet care. Annual cost: $160
  • Grooming pet supplies. Annual cost: $25
  • Cat bed. $45
  • Food bowls. $45
  • Scratching post. $40


  • Food. Annual cost for a medium-sized: $120
  • Toys. Annual cost: $55
  • Routine vet care. Annual cost: $235
  • Grooming pet supplies:  $300 per year, depending on the breed.
  • Dog leash. $20
  • Food bowls: $50
  • Doghouse: $30

Besides all of these essential pet supplies, there are emergency veterinarian visits, medication, and insurance, which prove themselves handy when you are on a budget. Still want to own a pet?  Here in Dogalize we can help you. Get in contact with us if you are still not decided on what your next furry companion will be.